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Why: For what reasons is eny Finance the ideal partner for me?
  • Our online offer is fast, flexible, simple and inexpensive.
  • We focus on your needs and find individually suitable solutions.
  • With your personal online tool eny Control you can manage your loans easily, anytime and anywhere.
  • Our price-performance ratio is unbeatable. Tip: You can compare your credit and switch to us at any time.
Where: Are eny Finance products only available online?
Yes. We are 100% online:
How much: Is the interest rate for the eny Credit personal loan cheaper than that of competitors?
With us, you benefit from the best price-performance ratio because our offer is 100% online.

Less administrative work, lean structures and short communication channels are reflected positively in the price.

If you already have a loan or a credit card: You can compare your credit at any time, switch to us and save month after month.
Submit an application: How do I apply for the eny Credit personal loan?

It's quick and easy to do online - in 5 steps:‍

1. Define the loan amount (from CHF 1'000 to CHF 120'000)

2. Enter personal data (address, date of birth, etc.)

3. Declare income (regular monthly income, additional income)

4. List expenses (rent, health insurance, other loans)

5. Offer

Confirm the application and you're in the clear: you'll receive the credit decision and the credit agreement online - immediately after submitting your application.

Commitment: Can I rely on the online loan approval?
Our online loan approval is subject to the accuracy of your information and is subject to possible changes.
Personal details: What information is requested in the online application?
  • Personal details
  • Details of living arrangements
  • Income (net salary)
  • Expenses